About Rebecca Bayona

Having a 9 to 5 job, working overtime to climb the corporate ladder, exercising and engaging in sport to maintain a perfect body shape, staying healthy with meal preps, staying socialized to maintain friendships and still having time for the family? Are you having a hard time staying on top of all these things?


Hi I am Rebecca, I am 27 years old and a half Filipina. Born and raised in Germany with a mother from another country was sometimes a little bit difficult. As a little girl with no clue what life deservers I tried to fit in even though I knew I am different. In my early years I learned how to take care of myself. My vision then was to have a successful job, I wanted to be a bad ass business women with – of course- a great body shape, a lot of friends and drive fast! After a couple of years of hard work, a well-paid job, climbing the corporate ladder I woke up oneday and asked myself, is this the right path for me? Am I fulfilled? Do I want to wake up at the age of 80, looking back through my life and realize, that I have spent most of the time at work just to be successful in my job?


I had a gym membership, that I paid monthly just for my good intention. But anyway, I had my first touch with yoga at the gym. While I was applying the class I noticed that the beautiful older lady next to me was so flexible and I couldn’t even touch my feet in forward fold. I was so inspired! I thought to myself I also want to be so flexible and look so fabulous while doing it. That was the moment when I added another sport experience in my life after doing karate, badminton, ballet and being a gymnast (told you I love to drive fast and I love to explore - must be my high vata). Diving deeper into yoga I discovered that Yoga is so much more than just being flexible and looking sexy. Traveling through the world and being inspired by many yoga teachers from different countries, I learned that Yoga is a lifestyle that can heal your searching soul. At this point I want to thank all my teachers for supporting me trying to find my way into Yoga. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. I am much more balanced nowadays and I feel that I am more productive. It even has calmed the crazy party bitch inside me, that wanted to go out every weekend to be boozed just to forget all the stress. Right now, I still go out and enjoy partying but with much more control and more in balance.


Yoga healed my soul and adding Ayurveda to my lifestyle helped me to stay healthy. I used to be sick almost every four weeks. I also had a great past with eczema (suffering from it since I was a child), allergies (the reason why I never got a pet when I was small) and also acne during my teenage years. I basically had it all. Regarding my past I tried many different things to get rid of all the stuff. I noticed that all the chemical things that I took only healed my problem on the surface, but the roots of all my problems, they were still there. So when I heard about Ayurveda, I was thinking "ok Rebecca you tried out a lot of things, so yes why not giving Ayurveda a chance, too?" And it changed my life. 

Today I am much more aware of my body. I know what is good for me and what can heal my body. And guess what? I don't have any allergies anymore. I want to say thank you to all of my gurus that have passed my life so far - showing me that I can love my body, love myself and be happy. 


I want to share all the things that I have learned so far. My mission is to help other people to remove their blockages (inside the body, but also in the mind), so that they can be happy and healthy. Every blockage, like tight hips, is also an emotional blockage. I want to show you how you can heal yourself with yoga and Ayurveda. I want you to be happy all around and I want to help you finding your personal living in balance zone. Attending my vinyasa classes will give you a stress relief. During class you will find time to heal yourself. 

My vision is that everybody can live their life how they dream it and live more in the now. NOW is your time!